What is The Boy Racer Guide?

A guide for the general public about boy racers. It is meant as a lighthearted look at the "boy racing" community and aims to explain some of the quirks and habits of this community in a generalised, satirical way.

Who are the Boy Racer Guide Crew?

For reasons of personal privacy, and to stop the more... stupid members of the "boy racing" community from setting their big brothers on us, we would prefer to remain anonymous.

You're chickenshit?

Yes. While the threat of physical violence from most boy racers is low, we find them really annoying and wouldn't want any hanging around us as a matter of routine.

Who is Dave?

Dave is the guy that updates the site, doing all the monkey work. He doesn't own a modded car. Dave may or may not be his real name.

Come on, surely it's not just Dave?

No. Dave wouldn't know a car engine from, uh, another car engine. There are two other members of The Boy Racer Guide Crew who we shall call Alfred and Bob for the sake of convenience (not their real names). One is a mechanic and the other is a reformed boy racer ;) We also have many "consultants".

So why write the Guide?

Because we're sad and have nothing better to do. Also we find boy racers funny.

That's a crap reason.

Is it? Oh, then we write about boy racers because we're jealous of them. So so jealous.

Your Guide's inaccurate anyway. That shit about [such-n-such] could never be true.

I would refer you to our disclaimer. "While a reasonable effort is made to ensure that the content of The Boy Racer Guide is accurate, mistakes have been (and will be) made". We're not part of the "modding" community so all we can do is write about what we see, from the outside. If we make mistakes, then we'll normally change them if you ask nicely.

Don't you know the difference between car modders and boy racers?

Not really. Both tend to have really garish cars.

That's just a stupid generalisation.

Yes. Yes it is.

For f**ks sake be serious.

OK. For our views on the differences between car modders and boy racers, see here.

You shouldn't be taking the mick out of these people. It's just a hobby. Leave them alone.

If my hobby was to run around with a pair of boxer shorts on my head, carrying a ghetto blaster on one shoulder which is blaring shit music, wouldn't you laugh if you saw me? Probably. But after a while it would just get annoying. These peoples' cars, with their loud stereos and exhausts, and their suspect driving skills are also funny but annoying.

What right do you have to stop them?

None at all. But equally they don't have the right to stop me.

You're a nob.

So I've been told. Usually by people using AOL who can't spell.

Your site design sucks.

Yeah. Dave never claimed to be a great web designer.

Why use a Mini as a logo?

We wanted something that is rarely modified as a logo. As we can't draw for shit, the only royalty-free image we could find was this Mini picture provided by our web host. So after fifteen minutes with Paint Shop Pro, Dave had modded it so it looks like it does now.

A Morris Minor would have been preferable, but our experiences with the "boy racing community" has shown that generally Mini's are not modded badly - mainly due to the sheer love of their cars that most Mini owners have. So the irony is still kinda there. Maybe.

Can I print out the guide and stick it up in work/school/college?

If you want. Just make sure you provide full credit to boyracerguide.co.uk. A "printer friendly" link is available on every page for this purpose.

Can I use excerpts from the guide on my website?

Again, sure, if you make sure you provide full credit to boyracerguide.co.uk.

You published my email to you but edited it.

We may edit emails to us if they are too long, or if they make little sense. Spelling and grammar mistakes and the like are just left in most of the time. Also our "replies" on the site are rarely the same as our replies to the actual emails.

You didn't mention [such-n-such].

Some bits we miss out. We might add them to later revisions of the Guide if we ever decide to update it.

Can I contribute?

Uhhhh. Usually no. We only really do this site whenever we feel like it, and have no time to organise independant contributers. Same goes for people who want to join The Crew - frankly we don't plan on this site being high maintainence.

Can you link to my site?

Well, unfortunately not. We don't really update the guide anymore so won't be looking for links.

You've infringed my copyright / been libellous / made me ill!

We do not intend to infringe on anyone's copyrights, nor publish text that can be interpreted in any way as libellous. However we're only human and sometimes make mistakes.



The Boy Racer Guide Crew would like to thank the following;

  • Everyone at Is It A Boat?, mainly for their excellent glossary which helped us a lot, but also for sending Russ to chat to us. We don't get out much.
  • Darren Wragg of Barry Boys for loads of stuff.
  • The regular "Barry Bashers" on Barry Boys' forum, for being so damn entertaining.
  • The irregular barrys on that forum, for the same reason.
  • 1&1 Internet, for the royalty-free image that the modded mini cartoon comes from, as well as for site hosting.
  • You, the reader. Yes it's cheesy, but it's true.


privacy policy

We won't sell, loan or give your information to anybody. We dislike spam about as much as we dislike boy racers. All emails to us may be reproduced on this site, but your details will remain confidential to The Boy Racer Guide Crew.



The Boy Racer Guide is a fictional, satirical publication. Texts within the guide should be viewed only as parody, and should not be interpreted as an actual instructional publication. The views expressed in The Guide are our own opinions and should be treated as such. While a reasonable effort is made to ensure that the content of The Boy Racer Guide reflects the "boy racing community" as we see it, mistakes have been (and will be) made. The Boy Racer Guide is not associated with any of the organisations we link to. Names used in The Boy Racer Guide are fictional and any resemblance to actual persons or entities is coincidental, unintentional and accidental. Emails to The Boy Racer Guide Crew may be edited for reasons of clarity or length. The content of The Boy Racer Guide is sometimes of a mature nature and intended for use only by those aged 18 and over.


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