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From: Alastair Reynolds
To: [email protected]
Subject: comment
Your site is funny as anything - right on the mark.
For reasons why the film "The Fast and the Furious" wouldn't work with UK Boy Racers, read this thread at the Nissan 200SX Owner's Club site:


Al Reynolds

Cheers Alastair! That link is pukka. Also thanks for this one.

From: Malone N~E Malone
To: [email protected]
Subject: u fucking knob heads
Your site is fucking shit. im a sk8er i own a "boy racer" car. Have you not got anything better to do with your time. fucking losers. So what where all boyracers...and we do it to piss people off like you..you fucking gay mutha fucka..fuck u!!



Cheers for the mail John and please come back when you're old enough to drive your "boy racer" car!

From: Will King
To: [email protected]
Subject: One Missed Item
Hi Mate,

Quality site! However, you forgot one of the most vital of all Boy Racer driving aids... the use of the fog light. When driving with ones front fog lights on (regardless of the weather conditions), a Boy Racer can tell other road users that he is in a powerful racing machine and can take on and beat anyone on the roads - this can be seen as the Boy Racers equivalent of a duel. It is not uncommon to find the Boy Racer purchasing after market front fog lights as the standard 1.1 deal (including a years free insurance) did not include front fog lights. Often this after market installation will be carried out at home to reduce excess cost and will result in a considerable amount of damage to the bumper, although this is of minimum concern because all boy racers will replace the bumper with a new and `better` body kit every 6-12 weeks.

Keep it coming!


Thanks for the suggestion! The fog light will be in v2 of the Guide

From: daniel drury
To: [email protected]
Subject: Boy racer guide
"You're thinking, "its easy to see what a boy racer is. They're those w****rs that screech round the roads in their alloy-wheeled, big bore exhausted and lowered Ford Escorts and piss the rest of us drivers off". Well, yes, you're right."

No, youre not, most people who mod there cars are really nice guys once you get to know them, it is these people in their Escorts that ruin are image and make us all look bad. Im sorry to see that you must class all of us like this just because you have seen a few people who drive and act like this, hopefully you will open your eyes to the modifying community and release that it is more than a few boy racers with "Attitude" and im sure you drove your car like a ferrari when you first had it.

I could not drive my first car like a Ferrari because it was merely a Vauxhall Nova! It could not take the pressure, unfortunately.

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